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Residential Architecture

At Ajalli Architects PLLC, architecture is more than a profession – it's a passion. In the Washington DC metro area and surrounding areas, individuals come to us to design and build their very own dream homes and businesses and seasoned developers seek us out to assist with condos and mixed-use buildings.

Mr. Ali Ajalli, the well-established lead architect, has more than twenty-five years of experience and work throughout the United States, completing projects for private and corporate clients ranging from single-family homes and townhouses to multi-story mixed-use buildings that included underground parking.

Our firm believes in clear communication between designer and client; only when each party has a thorough understanding of the other's vision can optimal solutions be achieved. We also ensure that that adequate time is given to education and exchange and uphold strict ethical standards.

Through our experience, Ajalli Architects PLLC is able to offer clients an attention to detail and logistical expertise that less seasoned residential architects can’t match. Clients who contact Ajalli Architects PLLC can expect prompt and knowledgeable service. Our firm will always suggest the most suitable, rather than the most lucrative, development options. And, as a member of the US Green Building Council, Mr. Ajalli offers ecologically conscious choices for those clients seeking them.

Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation consultation that can address your needs and concerns in a risk-free manner. Ajalli Architects PLLC is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company, so clients can feel confident in their choice to work with us. Contact us today and let us bring your vision to fruition.

Commercial Architecture

For commercial development projects that require architectural design, it’s important to enlist a firm that provides technical expertise as well as familiarity with the geographical location of the proposed structure. Clients in the Washington, DC metro area come to Ajalli Architects PLLC for excellent solutions and services in commercial architecture, which create augmented shopping centers, community centers, office buildings, banks, hotels and other business locations.

Ajalli Architects PLLC offers design and implementation of mixed-use buildings and healthcare architecture. Mixed-use buildings contain retail businesses on the ground floors and residential condos or apartments in the upper floors, and are an increasingly popular development option for city centers in Washington, DC metro area.

Mr. Ajalli and his staff possess an intimate knowledge of the climate, culture and community of the Washington, DC metro area, Northern Virginia and Maryland and our firm embodies a unique synthesis, which allows us to cultivate innovative solutions that less qualified professionals might overlook.

Additionally, as a member of the US Green Building Council, we’re passionate about sustainable development and, for many clients, implement green building systems that respect the environment.

Whatever your needs, our firm can take your vision and help you raise it to a higher standard. Contact Ajalli Architects PLLC to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation regarding your project needs. Mr. Ajalli will gladly assist you in determining the most efficient and cost-effective course of action to take your commercial architecture to the top.

Healthcare Architecture

If you’re considering or planning a new outpatient medical office or tenant fit-out for your current medical facility, it’s vital to work with an experienced healthcare architect who designs facilities as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. For outpatient treatment centers, dental clinics and medical specialist facilities in the Washington, DC Metro area, Ajalli Architects PLLC utilizes more than twenty five years of expertise to assist clients in achieving their goals as rapidly as possible.

As the sole proprietor of Ajalli Architects PLLC, Mr. Ali Ajalli is a seasoned architect who has worked on dozens of building projects across America and around the globe. As a healthcare architect, his projects have included renovation and build-out of dental clinic in Sterling, Virginia, where the older dental space was renovated, the dental practice was moved to the new space and then, the old and new space were joined together, and a rehabilitation day center for a handicap-accessible school building, which was designed for special needs children in Kuwait.

While some healthcare architect firms design medical facilities of all sizes, our staff prefers to design outpatient medical facilities. By specializing in a specific niche of healthcare architecture, we believe we provide superior planning for and careful attention to our clients’ needs. Ajalli Architects PLLC is firmly committed to the principle of designer/client collaboration and strives to maintain clear communication at all times.

For outpatient medical and dental facility owners in the Washington, DC Metro area wishing to augment their facilities or undertake construction of new facilities, contact Ajalli Architects PLLC today. You’ll receive a free, no-obligation consultation that will assist you in determining the next course of action and information to bring your outpatient medical facility to a higher level.