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Tysons Architectural Phases

We build lasting relationship with you through the following phases.

Phase 1: Your decision to move forward with the project

Phase 2: Call us to discuss and explore your vision and goals, we focus on:

  • · The scope
  • · The project features
  • · The project purpose
  • · The project functionality

Phase 3: Concept Design

  • · Once the space program of the projects determined, the design phase begins

Phase 4: Design Development

  • · Develop the concept design to full scale plans, elevations and renderings

Phase 5: Construction Drawings/ Permit set

  • · Provide detail drawings and specifications of the project ready for permit

Phase 6: Construction phase

  • · This is typically the time of highest stress for the project owner.
    We will be with you throughout the process and ensure all requested alterations are compatible with your vision for the project.

Phase 7: Occupancy

  • · This phase starts when the building is up and running ready to receive the occupant